Tiger Moore

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Tiger Moore was a leading jockey for 4 decades and achieved the rider’s  premiership in Western Australia  8 times in his career.

A career which commenced in the early 1940s and ended abruptly in 1975. Having over 2000 wins to his credit, he had to end his career in 1975 due to problems maintaining a low riding weight.

WA Hall of Champions.

WA Racing Hall of Fame 2010.

Tiger meets Queen Elizabeth II1

“I could never be cruel to a horse. I was often getting into trouble for not pulling the stick on them in a race.

If a horse was beaten, there was no use in me trying to persevere, so I sat quietly on them.

Of course, the stewards would call me in and give me a rap over the knuckles”.

Tiger Moore

“Meeting the Queen in Adelaide after the Queen’s Cup was a highlight of my career.”

HRH Queen Elizabeth II presents The Queen’s Cup to owner J.G.Money with rider F.Moore and SAJC Chairman Mr S.Reid.