Tiger Moore

Tiger's Story

Tiger’s  parents were Flurence ‘Frosty’ Moore and Ellen Fitzpatrick. Tiger  was born on 13 September 1925. Tiger Moore’s real name was Flurence, the same as his father, but he was always just ‘Tiger’. 

Frosty played football for Boulder Coolgardie and for Essendon. He was also a successful cricketer. Frosty died in 1953 and Ellen died in 1980. 

They had four children, Mollie, George, Flurence and Nora. Tiger had four children Laraine Janice, Irene and Stephen.

The young Tiger was very good at sport from an early age. Here he is in St Patrick’s 1939 school cricket team. (Seated on the floor). Even though he was small, he packed a punch. Later in life, Tiger was successful at billiards, cricket, golf and finally bowls. Competitive by spirit, he was known as fair and congenial opponent. As a rider he had a lively, but friendly battle with Frank Treen as to held the Jockey’s premiership for year after year.