Tiger Moore

M.R.C Invitation Stakes

1969  M.R.C Invitation Stakes

Back row: R.Higgins (VIC), C.O'Neill (QLD), R.Cox (SA), M.Goreham (SA), D.McLune (NSW), H.White (VIC)

Front row: R.Mallyon (VIC, F.G.Moore (WA), R.Quinton (NSW), J.Sellars (USA), W.J.Burnett (NSW), F.Reys (VIC)

Race won by "heralding" ridden by F.Reys (VIC)

The Melbourne Race Club Invitation Stakes was first run at Caulfield in the spring carnival of 1951.The M.R.C secretary Mr. J. C. Reilly thought it would be a good promotion for the club to host an invitational race that would see the best riders from all the states and territories of Australia in the same race.The annual Melbourne show-day holiday in late September was chosen as the  ideal time to stage the event.